About Photography

Photography accompanies me For many years, is part of my life, over time has become As natural as breathing, connects me to the world and pushes While at the same time being in the footsteps of my being in the It.

I’m like a musher, a world Is like a grain of sand, a foreign body that irritated my coat, The form of my reaction is photography, I degrade it from the world, Emotions close in images. Images often after the uprising are Forgotten, others are destroyed, I lose my heart almost When they materialize, others have slightly more Happiness, part of them are shared.

Because photography is like breathing is not an easy subject of description, because what I could tell you about breathing, I have no great ambition to be interested in anyone with your ascent. I write to the drawer of a forgotten furniture upchanego in a corner in the attic, the Internet seems like an ideal place to publish them.