When he decides to create reality, she is somewhat of a patchwork of my world and the world of photographed people. Is it possible to create something that is not in a sense rooted in us?

You don't find aesthetic, retouching perfectly placed images that you could hang without shame in the living room of your home? Do you fight with instant Knockback? But what to do with an image that is like a human being with involunously appearing sleep…?

You do not dream you say, and as you dream it with the meaning and taste. 🙂

Melon 2019

I am uncertain about the corridor of the full door, I repeam the individual at random, without a plan, I look and consolidate what I see, I think not to awaken the supervisor holding over them, forcing me to follow an unfamiliar path. It seems to me that I set off, although it can only be an illusion.

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