About Photography

Photography accompanies me For many years, is part of my life, over time has become As natural as breathing, connects me to the world and pushes While at the same time being in the footsteps of my being in the It.

I’m like a musher, a world Is like a grain of sand, a foreign body that irritated my coat, The form of my reaction is photography, I degrade it from the world, Emotions close in images. Images often after the uprising are Forgotten, others are destroyed, I lose my heart almost When they materialize, others have slightly more Happiness, part of them are shared.

Because photography is like breathing is not an easy subject of description, because what I could tell you about breathing, I have no great ambition to be interested in anyone with your ascent. I write to the drawer of a forgotten furniture upchanego in a corner in the attic, the Internet seems like an ideal place to publish them.


Expedition To Lisbon was an exciting endeavor. Among the few Alternatives we chose with Ewa, after lengthy talks, the purpose of our Expedition. Temping cheap airline tickets, proximity to the ocean, and Of course, the city itself was shaked by those who had occasion To visit them.

Focusing only on photographic aspects I have to say that every trip is good, but a distant journey is better. 🙂 Lisbon is a wonderful cultural crucible, for me the people I could observe were the greatest treasure of this place.

Another thing that every city lane seemed like an ideal photo plan. Everything had a unique dimension, even the sun seemed to provide some special, nice in the perception of light. If I had to recommend a time that would allow the city to donate, I would suggest you take the camera for a night walk through Lisbon.


When he decides to create reality, she is somewhat of a patchwork of my world and the world of photographed people. Is it possible to create something that is not in a sense rooted in us?

You don't find aesthetic, retouching perfectly placed images that you could hang without shame in the living room of your home? Do you fight with instant Knockback? But what to do with an image that is like a human being with involunously appearing sleep…?

You do not dream you say, and as you dream it with the meaning and taste. 🙂

Melon 2019

I am uncertain about the corridor of the full door, I repeam the individual at random, without a plan, I look and consolidate what I see, I think not to awaken the supervisor holding over them, forcing me to follow an unfamiliar path. It seems to me that I set off, although it can only be an illusion.


If I had to determine what is important to me in the pictures I create, I would put naturalness in the first place. Obtaining a natural photograph is a great reward for me for the effort made in the realization of the image. You will probably say that it is very easy to achieve and that I do not put myself too high requirements and I've been asked to be so. 🙂

Ania, Krakow 2019

It is not important whether you are creating a document, whether you are creating a reality, presenting a photographed scene in such a natural way that the viewer feels that it is a participant, is in my opinion, the main element of the photographer's Workshop championship.